MealsA meal for a hungry person is just $2.05! Provide meals to feed the people who come here each day. For many, the nourishing food provided at the Rescue Mission will be their only hot meal of the day.
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Warm ClothingPeople experiencing homelessness and poverty often come here in old and tattered clothing. The Rescue Mission provides new clothing – including undershirts and socks – so they feel warm and dry as they receive help getting back on their feet.
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A Very Merry Mattress PackImagine sleeping on cold, hard concrete – and how wonderful a clean, comfortable bed would feel! Give the Rescue Mission a vinyl-covered mattress, pillows and linens to provide a good night’s rest to homeless neighbors who don’t have a bed to call their own.
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Safe ShelterDuring the coldest months of the year here in the Bay Area, many people suffer through the night without any kind of shelter or even a blanket. Give a man, woman or child safe shelter, warm blankets and a welcoming place to stay.
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Changed Lives at Christmas PackTrue change requires more than food and shelter. Our men’s and women’s discipleship programs give recovering people the resources they need, like counseling, classes to build life skills and on-the-job work training.
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Shower with Kindness PackAfter weeks of living in poor conditions, help our homeless neighbors clean up and feel refreshed by providing personal hygiene items that restore dignity like soap and shampoo, as well as shower sandals and towels.
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Job Interview PackMen and women at the Rescue Mission are often starting over. Help provide the clothes and shoes they need to interview, along with GED preparation, interview skills and other job-readiness classes that lead to their future success!
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Seasons of LearningFor the homeless children and teens of our residents, learning Bible stories and participating in fun activities raises their spirits and makes them feel less alone in the world. Through services like Kid’s Bible study and arts and crafts activities, you can brighten a child’s or teen’s life.
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Computers for Christmas PackGive a man or woman the chance to build computer skills as they rebuild their lives. A new computer at the Rescue Mission gives them a chance to learn valuable digital skills for future employment and search for new job opportunities.
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Each item in this Christmas Gift Catalog is representative of the needs of the individuals served by the Bay Area Rescue Mission. Donations may be used to support the area of the Rescue Mission’s ministry where the need is greatest. God bless you, and thank you!